Giacomo Arrigoni

Giacomo Arrigoni

Giacomo Arrigoni is an Italian director and screenwriter.

He writes and directs projects for cinema, television, and new media: films, series, documentaries, TV commercials, branded content formats, and corporate films.

He has worked with clients like: SONY Mobile UK, NETFLIX, Discovery Italia, Google, Mercedes Media, Microsoft, Fox Crime Spain, Vodafone, Red Bull, Swatch, Adidas, Vodafone, Zeiss, Accenture, Land Rover, Avio Aero, and many more.

The distinctive feature of his style is the emotion at the center of the genre story.

In the short film Into the Gloom (2010), he adopts the thriller rules to condemn violence against women. In his first feature film The Rule of Lead (2014), available on Amazon Prime US and Video on Demand, he explores the theme of invisible children with a supernatural thriller. His series #Goldfish (2018), produced by Discovery Italia, observes the relationship between teenagers and social networks with a teen drama tinged with crime elements.

Even in his documentaries, emotion is a protagonist in a completely unpredictable way. In Spicy Calabria (2021), released in Italian cinemas and available on Amazon Prime Video, Italian natural, artistic, and food excellences are linked to chili pepper and come together in a romantic road trip where the boundaries between reality and imagination are blurred. In Resilient Warriors: Jose Antonio (2020), a humble farmer from Bahia is capable of setting the world on fire with his dreams cultivated in the Brazilian desert and speaks out for an environmental revolution.

With these and other works selected in more than fifty international film festivals, he has won dozens of awards, obtaining screenings all over the world: from the Chinese Theater in Hollywood to the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, with a nomination for a Golden Globe and a Special Selection at the Nastri d’Argento.

His documentary series project Clefs d’Or has been presented at the Venice Film Festival 2022 as part of the official selection of the Italian Doc Screenings Academy Series.

He co-wrote the films State of Consciousness with Emile Hirsch (released in Italian cinemas in 2023 and distributed in American cinemas by Lionsgate in 2024) and Eddie & Sunny with Gabriel Luna (available on Amazon Prime Video), both produced by Iervolino & Lady Bacardi Entertainment.

His TV series projects have been selected at the Maison des Scènaristes of the Cannes Film Festival, at SerienCamp in Monaco, at Série Series in Paris, and at the Raindance Film Festival in London.

Celebrity Wines, his latest documentary currently in post-production, has won the Cinema & Industry Award at the 2023 Venice Film Festival and has been selected for the MIA Market 2023 in the International Factual Forum section. The film features prominent figures such as Trudie Styler (wife of Sting), Ronn Moss, Al Bano Carrisi, Carlo Cracco and Rosa Fanti, Gianmarco Tognazzi, Jarno Trulli, Johnson Righeira, and Anderson Hernanes.

Giacomo Arrigoni is a member of 100Autori, AIR3 – Directors Guild Italia and WGI – Writers Guild Italia.